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All About the CNOR (Infographic)

Posted by Kristen Edmunds on Dec 8, 2016 3:15:54 PM
Kristen Edmunds

Perioperative nursing provides some of the most stimulating and challenging opportunities within the nursing world. There many roles that can be taken within perioperative nursing, each with its own specific and important tasks, skills, and responsibilities. Some OR nurses may be responsible for preoperative care, taking care of the planning and prep of surgery, while others may be in the room, handing each tool directly to the surgeon.

With a wide range of roles within the operating room, and ever evolving equipment and techniques used in the field, perioperative nursing is a career that not only encourages continued learning, it requires it.  But how does one continue to build the confidence and credibility required of a successful nurse? One way is through certification, or in other words, by becoming CNOR-certified.

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The CNOR certification is the only certification specific to perioperative nursing, for which the ultimate goal is to create a culture of patient safety and extraordinary care. Certification benefits the entire healthcare community from the nurse, to the employer and hospital administrators, to the patients. By becoming CNOR-certified not only is an OR Nurse demonstrating their commitment and skills to those around them, but they are able to validate their own competencies, allowing them to become a more confident and well-rounded nurse.   

CCI’s team of professionals produced this infographic below to introduce the CNOR certification and the exam process. Use this tool to find all the important information about the CNOR certification from the history and benefits to the cost of the exam and subject areas tested.

CNOR infographic.jpg

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