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All About the CSSM [Infographic]

Posted by Kristen Edmunds on May 24, 2017 7:27:18 AM
Kristen Edmunds

From directing staff to managing scheduling and budgets-- and coordinating the day-to-day-- managers of the OR directly impacting patient safety. With so many important responsibilities, there is no doubt that surgical service managers have play a vital role in the OR. But how does one become identified as a well-rounded and effective manager? One way is through certification, or in other words, by becoming CSSM-certified.

Recognizing the important role managers have, CCI developed the Certified Surgical Services Manager (CSSM) credential for perioperative leaders. Those that earn CSSM certification are looking to improve and validate their managerial knowledge and skills, ultimately to advance the performance of their departments. The purpose of the CSSM certification is to provide recognition for the distinct role of the baccalaureate-prepared manager who demonstrates current proficiency as an administrator in the perioperative setting.

CCI’s team of nursing professionals produced the infographic below which summarizes CSSM certification. Use this tool to find all the important information about the CSSM credential, including benefits and subject areas tested.

infographic - CSSM.jpg

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