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July Hospital Highlight - Queens Medical Center, Same Day Surgery Operating Room

Posted by Kristen Edmunds on Jul 28, 2017 11:40:55 AM
Kristen Edmunds


HospitalHighlightbanner.jpgQueen’s Medical Center, Same Day Surgery Operating Room located in Honolulu, has worked extremely hard over the last few years to increase the quality of care provided within the facility. Determined, the facility has focused efforts on careful financial planning, employing a supportive and involved staff, and creating a rewarding environment. These combined efforts have lead Queen’s Medical Center Same Day Surgery OR to become one of the top facilities in Hawaii, offering exceptional care to the surrounding community. CCI is delighted to recognize this facility’s hard work and honor them as this month's Hospital Highlight.

In recent years, one of the primary nursing goals of Queen’s Medical Center (QMC) has been to increase the number of specialty certified nurses in the organization. To support this goal, QMC provides Paid Professional Leave (PPL) of up to $1000 per fiscal year for nurses covered under a contract with the Hawaii Nurses Association. Under the same contract, QMC reimburses the cost of certification exams upon passing. Additionally, the facility offers incentives such as a certification bonus of $500 with the initial passing of the certification exam as well as each time a nurse becomes recertified. Ensuring funds and resources are available to nurses in need has been a contributing factor to increasing certification rates. These efforts addressed the barriers of financial affordability associated with certification exams for eligible nurses while contributing to the overall goals of the facility. 

In addition to the funds provided, the management team has also been a key factor to the strives made by QMC Same Day Surgery OR. For example, Director of Perioperative Services, Carol Hughes, has supported her staff throughout her career beginning with her role as the nurse manager. Carole eagerly supported Staff Nurse, Nancy Cabianca, through her CNOR Take 2 initiative, even challenging Nancy to take it a step further. This encouragement from management gave Nancy the confidence she needed to expand her project, and in return, directly contribute to the facility's goals with 27 nurses taking the CNOR exam in the first year alone. The Clinical Education Department assisted by providing a CNOR Exam Prep Course, allowing the nurses to pay for this course directly out of the PPL fund. These 27 certified nurses increased the Main Operating Room certification rate from 40% to 52% and the Same Day Surgery OR rate from 28% to 74%. Not only did the initiative drive results, increasing certification rates throughout the facility, but the support given to Nancy was instrumental to her becoming an even more involved member of the team. The collective effort of the staff nurse, management, and the Clinical Education Department made this project extremely successful, further proving the importance of a supportive and involved management team. 

QMC Same Day Surgery OR also shows support to the staff through celebrating the achievements of individuals as well as those of the facility. The success of the CNOR Take 2 initiative lead by Nancy was recognized by the management of QMC, including Chief Nursing Officer who came to the OR department to personally thank the team and celebrate the accomplishment. Organized groups, such as the Celebration Committee, have also been created to ensure morale is high and recognition is being given on a large scale throughout the facility. Every year, on March 19 (National Certified Nurses Day), QMC recognizes each and every certified nurse with a personalized card from the Nursing Professional Development Council, thanking them for their continued commitment to excellence in nursing. Included with the note is a small gift which varies year to year. This year, it included a gift card for the hospital cafeteria and a small metal carabiner in keeping with this year’s Queen’s Health System celebration theme “Certified Nurses ROCK!” The Celebration Committee works to organize the Certified Nurses Day celebration each year, including the assembly of gifts and presentation at the Nursing Grand Rounds. The continued recognition each nurse receives throughout their certification cycle motivates currently certified nurses to maintain their certifications while inspiring non-certified nurses to obtain certification. 

Thanks to careful fiscal planning, a supportive staff, and a rewarding environment, Queen’s Medical Center Same Day Surgery OR has continued to see growth in the certification rates among staff. With no signs of slowing down, Queen’s Medical Center Same Day Surgery OR relies on the involvement of the facility's CNOR Coach to mentor nurses through the certification process. Read more about the facility's CNOR Coach, Nancy Cabianca, on the CCI Blog. 

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