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5 Reasons Why Facilities Should Hire Certified Perioperative Nurses

Posted by Lindsey McNorton on May 19, 2023 11:23:08 AM

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Facilities in the healthcare industry face numerous challenges when it comes to providing safe and efficient surgical care. To address these challenges effectively, facilities should prioritize hiring certified perioperative nurses. These highly skilled professionals have undergone specialized training and education in perioperative care, equipping them with the expertise and knowledge necessary to ensure optimal patient outcomes. By hiring certified perioperative nurses, facilities can enhance patient safety, improve patient outcomes, and comply with industry standards.

Expertise and Knowledge 

Certified perioperative nurses possess specialized knowledge and skills in areas such as preoperative assessment, surgical instrumentation, infection control, emergency situations, and patient safety. Their expertise ensures patients receive the highest quality of care before, during, and after surgery, leading to better surgical outcomes.

Enhanced Patient Safety 

Perioperative nurses play a critical role in maintaining patient safety in the operating room. Certified nurses have completed specialized training and passed rigorous certification exams to identify potential risks and prevent complications during surgery. They are able to prevent surgical errors, identify potential complications, and respond effectively to emergencies. Facilities can enhance patient safety and reduce adverse events when hiring certified nurses.

Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations 

Healthcare facilities are subject to various regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Hiring certified perioperative nurses ensures compliance with these standards, as certification programs are designed to validate a nurse's knowledge and competence in perioperative care. Facilities that hire certified nurses demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality care and meeting regulatory expectations, which can positively impact their reputation and long-term success.


Professional Development and Quality Improvement

Certification in perioperative nursing requires ongoing professional development and maintenance of competencies. Certified nurses are committed to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest evidence-based practices and advancements in perioperative care. Their pursuit of professional growth translates into improved quality of care within the facility. By hiring certified perioperative nurses, facilities promote a culture of continuous improvement and maintaining high standards of practice.

Improved Patient Outcomes 

Studies have shown that the presence of certified perioperative nurses is associated with improved patient outcomes, including lower rates of surgical site infections, shorter hospital stays, and decreased mortality rates. Facilities can improve the overall quality of care for their patients by having certified nurses on staff.


Hiring certified perioperative nurses brings expertise, improves patient outcomes, promotes professional development, enhances patient safety, and complies with industry standards to healthcare facilities. Facilities that value these skilled professionals can begin to optimize their surgical services, minimize risks, and provide exceptional care to patients.


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