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Posted by Lindsey McNorton on Sep 18, 2023 1:14:19 PM




As the world quickly evolves, traditional certificates are no longer the only way to showcase expertise and credibility within your profession. Technological advancements have created innovative ways to demonstrate one’s achievements through digital credentials, also known as digital badges. Digital badges provide a way to recognize learning achievements, contributing to a more comprehensive and dynamic representation of an individual's skills and expertise. The combination of visual elements and metadata ensures the badge can be easily understood, verified, and shared. In this blog, we will discuss the components that make up a digital badge, how to obtain one, and ways to display a badge.

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a visual representation of an accomplishment, skill, competency, or achievement earned. They serve to validate and showcase a person's skills beyond traditional certificates and are designed to be easily shareable and verifiable.

Screenshot 2023-09-01 111816Digital badges contain metadata that provides information about the criteria required to earn the badge. This metadata ensures that the badge's authenticity and the issuer's credibility can be easily verified.

Digital badges also contain advanced blockchain technology, providing additional security to prevent fraudulent claims. This technology enhances the certificate's integrity and credibility but also the reputation of the issuing organization.

What makes up a digital badge?

A digital badge consists of several components that collectively convey information about the badge's meaning, the recipient's achievements, and the issuing organization. Here are the key components of a digital badge:

Image: The visual representation of the badge itself and what people see when the badge is displayed online.

Title: The title briefly describes the achievement represented by the badge. It gives viewers an immediate understanding of what the badge signifies.

Issuer Information: Includes the name and logo of the organization that issued the badge, which establishes the credibility and authority of the issuer.

Recipient Name: The name of the individual who earned the badge, ensuring the badge is associated with the correct recipient.

Description: A concise explanation of the criteria that the recipient met to earn the badge. It could outline the skills, competencies, or achievements the badge signifies.

Issue Date: The date the badge was awarded to the recipient.

Badge ID or URL: A unique identifier or URL associated with the badge. This can be used to verify the authenticity of the badge and access additional information about it.

Criteria: Some badges provide detailed information about the criteria required to earn the badge. This could include specific tasks completed, assessments passed, or projects accomplished.

metadataMetadata: This is information embedded within the badge's digital code. This metadata ensures that interested parties can easily verify the badge's authenticity and the issuer's credibility.

Verification Information: Information that allows others to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the badge.

Shareability Links: These links or buttons allow the recipient to share the badge on online platforms easily.


How do I obtain a digital badge?

One way to be awarded a digital badge is to earn the Certified Foundational Perioperative Nurse credential (CFPN®). CFPN® was introduced in June 2021 and was the first credential to issue a digital badge. When all CFPN® requirements are complete, a digital badge will be awarded. Candidates who earn CNOR®, or CSSM® are eligible to purchase a digital badge through the CCI store. There are six different CNOR® digital badges and five CSSM® digital badges available with a variety of certification years. To purchase a digital badge, candidates must log into the CCI store, add the digital badge to their cart, and checkout. Once purchased, an email will be sent with instructions on accepting and sharing the digital badge. Only candidates initially certified or recertified in 2018 can purchase this product. Candidates who do not hold an active credential listed within the digital badge dates are not eligible.

CFPN CSSMScreenshot 2023-09-01 111816

How can I display my digital badge?

Digital badges can be displayed on social media platforms, resumes, and email signatures. Displaying your digital badge is a great way to showcase your achievements and skills to potential employers, colleagues, and other interested parties.

Email Signature: Add the badge image to your email signature. Some email clients allow you to insert images directly into your signature.

Sharing on Social Media: Update your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, with the badge image. Many platforms allow you to upload an image and add a description or link to the badge's details.

Resumes and CVs: You can incorporate the digital badge into your resumes or CVs. Include the badge title and issuer's name for context.

Business Cards: If you use business cards, consider adding a QR code or a shortened URL that showcases your badge.

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Digital badges are rapidly becoming a leading way to recognize and publicize continuous professional development. They not only provide visual recognition and verification of one’s skills and accomplishments but also enhance the reputation and validate an organization’s credibility. The use of digital badges provides a sustainable, secure, and verifiable way for individuals to showcase their expertise and credibility within a profession.


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