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Volunteer With CCI as a Certification Coach!

Posted by Taylor Niss on Nov 18, 2021 4:23:58 PM

Coach Logo _ 2022 (2)-1CCI established the Certification Coaches program as an opportunity for certified nurses to become more involved with CCI, certification, and their fellow nurses. The Certification Coaches program acts as a volunteer mentorship opportunity for nurses dedicated to helping others achieve certification in the perioperative field, thus increasing overall patient safety.

What is a Certification Coach?

A Certification Coach is a certified nurse who truly understands the significance of certification and is committed to encouraging other nurses to pursue certification. Aside from being an advocate, they also act as a mentor, leader, and a resource to their nurses. These individuals offer guidance with everything from preparing for the exam, succeeding after a failed attempt, and other general questions relating to preparing and taking the exam.

Why Are Coaches Important?

Becoming certified means that the nurse has demonstrated mastery of the knowledge and skills needed in the specialized field of perioperative nursing. Earning a credential is worthwhile for not only the nurse but for the entire healthcare community, including the patients and the facility.

Certification Coaches are essential because they act as influencers and resources in the facility, encouraging uncertified nurses to commit to furthering their education and skillset through certification. The process of earning professional certifications can seem daunting for many nurses; therefore, having a resource they know and trust can be exceptionally advantageous.

Why Should You Be a Certification Coach?

Certification Benefits the Whole Surgical Team

Being certified not only demonstrates competency in the field but also expands the knowledge of perioperative nurses. Certified nurses are expected to continue their education, so they are continuously revitalizing their existing skills and acquiring new techniques to utilize in the operating room. It is evident that the whole surgical team profits from having certified nurses in the operating room.

Mentorship Opportunities

The Certification Coaches program creates mentorship opportunities for nurses. Coaches help guide nurses through the process by sharing resources, experiences, knowledge, and motivation. Additionally, a professional mentorship relationship proves to be constructive for both parties involved. Being a mentor can help develop leadership skills, improve communication skills, gain personal satisfaction, and learn new perspectives. Similarly, the mentee will gain valuable advice and knowledge from the mentor, while also working toward enhancing their understanding of perioperative nursing and advancing their career.

Additional Benefits and Perks

Certification Coaches receive a variety of perks for volunteering to work with CCI in promoting certification. At the beginning of their one-year term, each Coach will receive a Coaches Welcome Kit. This kit contains flyers for our various credentials, test-prep materials to be shared with other nurses, and a memorable Certification Coach gift. We are also pleased to now be able to offer Coaches points toward recertification for their service with CCI. Each Coach will receive 20 points per year as a volunteer on a CCI committee, with a maximum of 100 points available in this point category for their entire certification cycle.

The Certification Coaches program is not only an excellent way for nurses to promote certification within their facility, but to also connect with their fellow nurses and develop critical professional skills through mentoring.

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