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Lead by Example: Certified Leaders Motivate Staff

Posted by CNOR Coach Sandie Salley on Sep 24, 2021 10:28:56 AM


It’s a common misconception that leaders do not need to pursue certification because leaders are often not considered “frontline staff” that provide direct patient care. However, certified nurse leaders do have a significant impact on patient care and outcomes.

Nurses notice leaders who are actively engaged in ensuring that the policies and procedures implemented in their facilities align with current best practices. In order to stay updated, leaders must continue to learn and serve as an example for their staff. If leaders are not modeling the importance of being certified, how can we expect frontline staff to see the value of certification?

Being certified verifies that nurses demonstrate a commitment to providing high-quality care to every patient, thus improving patient outcomes. By earning their certification, nurses gain knowledge that can be put into practice and positively influence every decision that impacts care. Perioperative patients depend on staff to advocate for them when they are most vulnerable. Certified nurses demonstrate a commitment to patient safety and life-long learning to pursue excellence in perioperative nursing.

Tips For Encouraging Staff to Get Certified 

Even if nurse leaders are still in the process of earning their certification, there are many ways to start the certification conversation in your facility with uncertified nurses.

Talk About Certification

There are a variety of ways to encourage your staff to pursue certification. Start simply by talking about it. Staff meetings are a great place to introduce the topic. You can also order one of CCI’s certification kits for the nurses in your facility.

Encourage Study Groups

You can also encourage staff members to sign up to take the certification exams together. If you are a manager and not certified, this would be an excellent opportunity for you to get involved, as well. It is beneficial if staff can study together, ask questions, or even share resources to help prepare for the test.

Utilize CCI’s CNOR Coach Program

CCI also has a CNOR Certification Coach program, comprised of nurses equipped to guide nurses on the best ways to prepare for the test. Most Coaches have completed the certification process themselves and can offer tips and resources for preparing. Use CCI’s new Coach Finder tool to find a CNOR Coach near you!

Celebrate Newly Certified Staff

Staff notice when success is celebrated. When someone passes the test, celebrate big with cake, cupcakes, signs, emails, and whatever else you can think of. This could help someone on the fence about the test realize that they can do it too. It can also help them recognize that certification is important and is a priority in your department.


Promoting certification and encouraging staff within your facility starts with good leadership. By modeling the importance of being certified, staff can easily see how certification will positively impact patient care.

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